7 thoughts on “False labour

  1. Sorry love, I pressed the wrong button and seem to have ‘liked’ this post – nothing to like about false labour, it sounds rotten!

    Are you near enough to your due date not to be worried by false labour? Sounds like Alexander the Great is rehearsing for his grand entrance :D.

  2. Thank you! Буду держаться!

    And, I have been appraised indeed. Russian doctors also recommend champagne in small doses.

    And, my due date is actually today. But because I ovulated late in the cycle it could be a little off. So no freakage. Just tired. 🙂

  3. “In a world where babies take their own sweet time being born….” Sorry, couldn’t resist. I hope you have real labour soon. *fingers crossed*

  4. ha! babies have, er, fun and capricious senses of humor. I false-labored a buncha times with both beasts.

    babies can’t read calendars. they don’t give a shit what your doctor says about due dates. hang in there.

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