Too tired to attempt a clever blog post, so here’s a pregnant photo

picture by Maria Savelieva

I have never been this tired before *in my life*. I imagine that after The Globe is born and we’re back home from the hospital, I will be *even more* tired. The mind boggles. How do people survive? How has the human race been propagating itself all of this time?

Oddly enough, the only thing that has the potential to make me feel alive right now is Pepsi. Freaking Pepsi. Not coffee, even good coffee, and certainly no healthy fruit smoothie stuff. Not yoga. Not vitamins. Goddamn PEPSI.

Whatever works, I guess.

12 thoughts on “Too tired to attempt a clever blog post, so here’s a pregnant photo

  1. You look wonderful.
    Don’t worry about after the Globe becomes the little human–all those bonding hormones help you get through it. My little guy woke up every hour or two for the first few months and somehow I managed, happily, in spite of the fractured sleep. If it was anything or anyone else waking me up every hour I’d be quite, quite beastly, but I was happy as a clam.

  2. Once you see what toddlers do, how they explore, and the kinds of things they put in their mouths, you will wonder the same thing, how on earth has the species survived? Have the docs checked your blood? If you are aren’t able to eat well, maybe the tiredness is from poor red cell count?

  3. Okay, so. I always thought “How would I survive a second pregnancy when the first made me so tired – I can’t imagine throwing a toddler and full time work into that mix”. Happily, I have not been so tired this pregnancy. And it took me to realise this: you never stop being tired from the first one. 6am daily wake up calls (7am if I’m lucky), broken sleep every few weeks for nights on end due to things like teeth, nightmares, falling out of bed… I have never rid myself of the dark circles I developed during my first pregnancy.

    Of course it’s all wonderful and fun, and the child is absolutely delightful…

    But have you ever wondered why women are the subjugated sex? It’s because men have been taking advantage of our sleep deprivation since the dawn of time (or childbirth, as it were…)

  4. Since I have nearly 12 years on him, I remember what my brother was like as a toddler *really well*. I’ve already been explaining to my husband that “little kids aren’t like kittens, they have virtually no survival instinct. We will have to hide the detergent.”

    He’s going around all surprised and stuff. Then again, he’s not shocked by the fact that I appear to be asleep even when I’m on my feet (with a normal red cell count!!!).

  5. I used to discover I’d gotten a quick catnap while holding & breastfeeding my son. I’m still amazed my arms kept working while I was asleep!!

  6. For the past four or five months my girlfriend and I have been raising our son in twelve-hour shifts. I have 5am until 5pm, while she works, then we share him for a few hours, and she has the night shift.

    When I was living untreated for the mental stuff I could easily stay up for 36 to 48 hours. It’s just the way my brain worked. By the end of my extended wake schedule I always thought I was as exhausted as a human being could be. Turns out, I might have been right.

    But this raising a son stuff is a close second.

    It’s a beautiful photo.

  7. I don’t know nothin’ about birthin’ babies, so I don’t have anything to say except that I hope everything goes well for all of you. 😀

  8. Wishing you the best and sending you lots of positive vibes, Natalia. As someone observed earlier, you look wonderful.

  9. with me it was mountain dew and ashtrays (ew!). whatever gets you through.

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