If I could pick one word to describe Russia today it would be “uncertain.” Doesn’t strike you as the right kind of word at first, does it? What is this? “An uncertain Russia”? How can a country be uncertain? And yet uncertainty is the biggest governing force both in Russia’s daily life and the moreContinue reading “Irresolution”

Too tired to attempt a clever blog post, so here’s a pregnant photo

I have never been this tired before *in my life*. I imagine that after The Globe is born and we’re back home from the hospital, I will be *even more* tired. The mind boggles. How do people survive? How has the human race been propagating itself all of this time? Oddly enough, the only thingContinue reading “Too tired to attempt a clever blog post, so here’s a pregnant photo”

The Globe and I

“It’s not a fucking walk in the park.” – Madonna, on pregnancy and childbirth. Well, except on those rare occasions when it is: This summer in Moscow is nothing like last summer in Moscow. For one thing, I don’t wear heels (I don’t even know where all of my high-heeled shoes went, at this pointContinue reading “The Globe and I”