Conversations of the last few weeks

[Context: I want yoghurt at 2 a.m.]
“Please don’t get yourself arrested on your way to the store. And don’t get into any fights either.”
“Don’t worry, if there’s five of them, I’ll run away. If there’s three, I’ll fuck them up. If there’s four, I’ll improvise.”

[When considering a role in a bad TV show]
“You know what they say – ‘5 minutes of humiliation, and then you get to be an artist again’.”

“Open your LiveJournal. There’s a gift inside.”
“What is it?”
“The greatest thing ever – that Arnold gif with the minigun.”

[Lamentations about the fact that there is no sea close to Moscow. Reassuring selves that at least we won’t drown due to global warming – we’ll just die in a fire instead.]

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