Alexey Nikolayevich Zhiryakov + Lev Alexeyevich Zhiryakov

a.k.a. the Men in My Life. My New Life, to be specific. I’ve been waiting for this for months – and now am trying to figure out how on earth it happened.

26 thoughts on “Alexey Nikolayevich Zhiryakov + Lev Alexeyevich Zhiryakov

  1. Oh and great name. I do approve when people I approve of choose names I approve of for their children. It’s always worrying when they don’t.

  2. Congrats. Blessings. Warm fuzzies….

    Reminds me of the first Daddy/baby photo of my husband and son–I thought I knew all his facial expressions–yet here was a new one!

  3. I’ve just seen the labour pictures Alexey posted on FB! He’s got good timing. 😉 And you look pretty darn good too.

  4. He is darling and seems to have skipped the alien stage that some very new babies go through. Many congratulations!

  5. Congratulations!!! My little one is 8 1/2 months now – people really mean it when they say Enjoy Every Minute 🙂

  6. Congratulations to both of you. Little Lev’s looks like he’s alredy thinking about the great mysteries of life!

  7. Dingit!! WordPress just logged me in under my other online name. I’ve been busy busy and I don’t have time to muck around with the system.

    I had to stop by to congratulate you anyway. Cheers, from Xena 🙂

  8. Hi Natalia.
    Congratulations, I’m glad that everything went okay. It’s really nice to be able to open your blog and read something this incredibly positive, amids all the bad news coming from the interwebs.
    I’m currently in Russia holidaying and helping my aunt with her two month-old. I must say babies are a lot of work, still, it’s very rewarding 🙂

    I love the name!

  9. Thanks, guys! Babies are a TON of work – and we’re in a growth spurt now. So he’s cluster-feeding and fussing, but he’s growing, and that’s really exciting.

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