Important news of the day

I find it hard to read Damn You Autocorrect while breastfeeding. The nipple keeps popping out of the kid’s mouth.

Although it’s a good barometer to determine whether or not Lyovka is actually hungry.

Nipple pops out on hungry Lyovka? Screaming, tragedy, scandal, etc.

Nipple pops out on Lyovka who’s not hungry in the slightest, but would like to experience the comfort and safety of mom’s breast (just after she sat down to finish an article, of course)? Contented sleep. Well, until roughly 6 minutes later, anyway – when it dawns on him that the breast has been removed to elsewhere and screaming, tragedy, scandal, etc. all ensue.

6 thoughts on “Important news of the day

  1. Good luck, my wife had a lot of success using a boppy pillow for nursing and typing at the same time. Congratulations btw.

  2. Oh my God – breastfeeding is great and convenient. It’s just getting the hang of it that’s a challenge. The worst part so far was at the hospital – my milk didn’t come in for a few days, so naturally, Lyovka was being bottle-fed. After the milk came in, he at first decided that breastfeeding was too strenuous! He’d scream and scream for the bottle, and my boobs were rock-hard and I was crying from pain. My husband brought me a cabbage so that I could chill it in the fridge and put the leaves on my boobs to get the swelling to go down – because a pump could only do so much. The entire pediatrics staff on our floor and I warred with Lyovka to get him to accept the breast. I started him on a face plastic nipple I put over my own. Then, after the hospital, it was my husband who got him to take the actual nipple. He just guided his head, and suddenly, everything clicked for the kid.

    Now he can’t get enough – obviously! 😀

  3. Cabbage leaves work wonders! I used that trick against galacterrhea… but I trust that lactating is infinitely more satisfying with a baby on board. Nicely done.

  4. I can’t even *begin* to describe how much I love you for posting that link. **wipes tears from eyes**

    Give the little man a kiss from me !

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