As someone who used to be into checking out rich, older, handsome men

This post on double standards really ticked my fancy. Particularly this comment from nausicaa:

When men are attracted to hot, younger women, it’s “just natural — can’t fight biology, man.”

When women are attracted to rich, older, handsome men, it’s because they’re shameless golddiggers with daddy complexes.


Another gem from the same thread:

I’m still rather fond of “What’s the difference between a slut and a bitch?” “A slut sleeps with everyone, and a bitch sleeps with everyone but you.”

I’ve a whole new arsenal of pithy observations for parties! If we were actually going out much nowadays…

Oh, oh, and this one’s good:

I have another I hear a lot from both sexes. Women’s bodies and sexual parts are “beautiful.” Men’s are “funny looking.”

So true. And all because women aren’t supposed to like dick. Pish posh.

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