This is just sad at this point

Sad that Shevchenko is not even a sub today. I guess AC Milan wants him back, and they will probably get him back. It’s the sort of thing that’s truly depressing, considering the fact that Sheva and Chelsea would have been a great fit, but the magic is not there. I suppose it’s the Real Madrid curse – you can’t buy a world-class player and ensure a success, because something else, some organic process, has to occur for things to work out. What sort of organic process? God, I don’t know. Perhaps he and Mourinho should have shopped for fresh-picked tomatoes together. Perhaps cannabis should have been involved.

Although the real issue may be the conflict between Mourinho and Abramovich – with the latter wanting Chelsea to be “more cavalier.” Whatever the hell that means. I’m admittedly more lenient to fellow ex-Soviets, but Roman should remember that footballers aren’t show-monkeys who dance for one’s amusement (with the possible exception of Cristiano Ronaldo).

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