For the sake of perspective on student debt: my husband got two first-class educations. For free.

He studied theater direction at the Russian Academy of the Theater Arts. For free.

He studied documentary filmmaking with director Marina Razbezhkina. Also for free.

And while he studied for free, he always had ways of “giving back” – whether it’s helping organize a drama lab in a remote town, or put on a play in a provincial theater, or organize a free movie showing for people who may not otherwise be able to afford to go to the movies, or offer help to a struggling production free of charge, and so on.

There’s something weird about a system where everything is monetized. I didn’t notice it when I was much younger. I was just used to it. “This is how things are,” is what most people think when thought to consider it. And more people than that don’t even get as far as that – they have no consideration for the system, they just exist within it. Except I don’t think that this is how things have to be, not really. The people who let my husband get a free education got something right. They were investing into the future – their own, and everybody else’s. They weren’t investing into a golf course for a multimillionaire student debt industry exec such as Albert Lord (incidentally, dude has an appropriate last name).

4 thoughts on “For the sake of perspective on student debt: my husband got two first-class educations. For free.

  1. People get stipends and housing. Stipends can be ridiculously low, though, so most students get support of some kind. Or else they combine work with studying – but that’s especially hard, considering how rigorous a good university is.

  2. (Not to be taken seriously)
    Just read about your debt troubles. I heard that Russia has another good policy – “Mother’s capital” whereabouts for second and next baby state gives out equivalent of more than 12,000 dollars. How about more kids, you’ll be able to settle your debt in no time.

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