I’m a fantasy book heroine, I’ve decided

Clearly, that’s why my battles are so epic all the time.

I suppose I need to get used to it at some point.

I have these moments of doubt all the time. Why didn’t I marry some banker in Connecticut? Why don’t I have a nice, three-bedroom home in a suburb? Why don’t I have brunch with mimosas on Sundays?

But then I think about it, and I understand why.

4 thoughts on “I’m a fantasy book heroine, I’ve decided

  1. Suburban bankers wives have their drama also, but it does not involve going to demonstrations in Red Square or taking a chance on getting arrested in front of the Lubyanka prison.

    They usually sit at home drinking wine while the kids are at school.

  2. Growing up, many of my peers’ moms were “ladies of leasure.” I don’t feel any disrespect towards that kind of life – in fact, I’m jealous of it. But it was never going to be mine, and the one time I had the opportunity to make it mine, I ended up walking away. I guess I’ve made my choice.

  3. just remember that sunday brunch with mimosas and the playwright/political life in moscow are not mutually exclusive.

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