A “proud student borrower” writes me. Needs to withhold opinions until she is in repayment

Every once in a while, I’ll get an e-mail such as the one below:

Hi. My name is [redacted]. I am a junior, attending [redacted]. I just want to write to challenge you about the misinformation you are spreading about the student loan industry. Without the student loan industry, I would not be in college right now!

Mine is just a tale of one individual working hard in pursuit of her aspirations, but it must also be pointed out that student debt horror stories are completely overblown. The media just happens to highlight them the way it highlights any “horror story,” creating trends where there are none.

Here is a fact: most student debt defaulters are addicts of some kind. I know a couple myself so I know what it is I’m talking about.

[Long, boring paragraph on addiction I’ve decided to cut. Basically, the author seems to think that some people are just “weak,” though she doesn’t “want to judge.”]

You blame your student debt problems on your health, but that seems fishy, especially since you say you recently had a child. Anyone who took a basic science class knows that unhealthy mothers don’t carry their babies to term! Sorry if I appear suspicious, but I have simply known too many addicts and deadbeats to not immediately question your story.

Also I think it’s very telling that you would move to a country like Russia. I don’t know much about Russia, but this much is obvious to me as a young person who cares about the issues: nobody values hard work like Americans do. If irresponsible borrowers want to leave, then this is probably a good thing – you don’t serve as a good example for my own generation.

In just a few years, I will be in repayment and I am committed to making good on the promises I made when I signed the loan documents. Taking responsibility is something that makes our society great is what I firmly and truly believe. I am very sorry that a journalist of your stature would not be committed to our shared values, and would instead help spread the lies and misinformation that are contributing to harming our economy.


[redacted], a proud student borrower.

It’s like being e-mailed by a bad Ayn Rand rip-off (though I have no idea what would constitute a good Ayn Rand rip-off).

Go ahead and talk after you’ve spent a few years in repayment, babe.

Until then:

P.S. I love the bit about Russia. She doesn’t know anything about the country, yet would criticize people for living and working here. Though perhaps Russia is also “for the weak.” I guess. (Also, LOL)

9 thoughts on “A “proud student borrower” writes me. Needs to withhold opinions until she is in repayment

  1. Well bless her heart. She hasn’t yet graduated and still has it all figured out. She should write a book so the rest of the world can benefit from her wisdom and be a Proud American,too. I betcha she will pay cash for her first house and in 10 years have enough in savings to retire to Lake Tahoe. O, to have the wisdom of the young instead of the pessimism of the middle-aged.

  2. Yeah….nothing like forcing women to become dependent on student loans at usurous rates, then slut-shaming them for their “dependency”. Because nothing beats debt slavery….errrrrr, “hard work” and “sacrifice” for fulfilling this Tea Partier’s version of the American Dream, where you profit off OTHER people’s blood, sweat, and tears.

    Course, this woman probably already has her nest-egg set up, so she’s only doing loans for the tax write-off. Just like Ayn Rand says.

  3. Well, my main reaction: “What a twat.” Subsequent reactions include: “How did she graduate high school being such an idiot?” “Wait until repayment starts!” (like you), “As ignorant of reality as she is, and obviously her college education has done nothing to relieve her of said ignorance, those loans are definitely not worth it.”

  4. Hmm.. I was pretty unhealthy for a long time and managed to carry not one, but two babies to term. I’m also five years into repayment and still not making much of a dent in my loans. Also not an addict. Well, unless you count coffee. So I’m more apt to believe your story, natalia.

    But I guess being an evil socialist Canadian I probably don’t count either.

  5. “though I have no idea what would constitute a good Ayn Rand rip-off”
    ha! thanks for that particular giggle!

  6. Its been almost a year since I posted on your site but I had to say something upon reading the comments by the ersatz Ayn Rand. Bravo for you Natalia! I dont know much about you but I have read enough to say that the drive-by shooter missed the mark by a long ways, both in the ad hominem attack on you and the sophomoric comments about student loans.

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