Russian adoption debacle: I don’t believe that Torry Ann Hansen acted out of desperation

Much like Tracy Clark-Flory, I was struck by the tragedy of the case of Artyom Savelyev, a 7-year-old adoptee who was put alone on a plane back to Russia. He had been adopted by Tennessee resident Torry Ann Hansen, who, in the note she left with the boy, claimed that officials at a Russian orphanageContinue reading “Russian adoption debacle: I don’t believe that Torry Ann Hansen acted out of desperation”

Excuse me, your headline is silly. And russophobic

Russia abandons literary past!!! ZOMG!!!11!!!eleventy!!! Um, OK. Has anyone heard of this little thing called the financial crisis? Anyone? The Russian movie industry is largely in limbo at the moment, which means that high-art projects get shelved. Trust me, I ought to know. And I just love the line about the Kremlin’s “steely” silence. WhyContinue reading “Excuse me, your headline is silly. And russophobic”

Cardinal Sean Brady saw no evil. Right.

In an odd way, I feel bad for Cardinal Sean Brady & other members of the Irish Catholic clergy (such as the clueless Bishop Brennan – who hilariously chose to ask parishioners for cash in helping deal with abuse victim payouts by stating that ” ‘I did not cause the problem’ is not the responseContinue reading “Cardinal Sean Brady saw no evil. Right.”

All aboard the douchecanoe!*

One of the benefits of being single is going on bad dates, and then telling people about them. OK, maybe that’s not actually a “benefit” to most normal people, but if you’re a weirdo like me, in love with a good story above all things, it’s definitely a welcome side-effect. “This might suck right inContinue reading “All aboard the douchecanoe!*”