Because I needed an excuse to unleash Jeremy Piven

Here’s great advice advice for every single entitled-ass expat who thinks that local women (or any other women) owe him shit: This invitation extends to both the douchebag in the comments on the post below this one, and anyone else who might like to start round 453,534,579 of the What Do You Mean I’m NotContinue reading “Because I needed an excuse to unleash Jeremy Piven”

Nice slut-shaming, Noreen Malone

Meghan McCain is trying to have it both ways! She’s acting like she owns her body! OWNS it! Perish the thought! Between this nonsense and Lucinda Rosenfeld’s awesome advice to a young woman who got roofied and abandoned by her friends at a concert (shorter version: “You’re probably just a drugged-up slut. Your friends oweContinue reading “Nice slut-shaming, Noreen Malone”

Good to know I’m not the only one depressed

Ropo has it pretty bad too, apparently. Shucks. Now, because Rapey Ropo is a brilliant artist, his suffering matters. While you guys have naturally been busy stampeding to the post office with care packages to Zurich, I’ve been trawling the web for something to cheer him up with. I think I have found it:

Link round-up (Polanski, hijab, zombies, etc.) and a moment of truth

Anne Applebaum annoyed me with her clueless stereotyping of Russian women, but she downright freaked me out the other day when she went to bat for Roman Polanski. Her subsequent defense of her comments is even worse – Applebaum has the nerve to call the victim’s testimony “salacious.” I don’t even know what to sayContinue reading “Link round-up (Polanski, hijab, zombies, etc.) and a moment of truth”

Germaine Greer: still glowin’, still crowin’, still transphobic as hell

We all know that the natural world is subject to certain rules. Seasons change, for example. Stars die. Eclipses occur. And Germaine Greer spews transphobic bile. In writing about runner Caster Semenya for her latest column, Greer slipped in this little gem: Nowadays we are all likely to meet people who think they are women,Continue reading “Germaine Greer: still glowin’, still crowin’, still transphobic as hell”