The last of the binkie wars

I found this month-old gif (originally a cine via Cinemagram) of mine on my phone today: That was the day before we moved, leaving Novogireyevo for the older and stranger neighborhood of Kuzminki, also in eastern Moscow. Grandma had introduced Lev to the binkie when he was a few weeks old (without asking my permission,Continue reading “The last of the binkie wars”

Lev has joined the mile-high club – of sorts

By that of course I mean that he has now pooped at 30,000 feet. He’s a winner who aims high. And we are winners for managing to change his diaper in an economy-class bathroom without much of a fuss. Trust me, when you’ve got a kid like Lev on your hands, it certainly feels likeContinue reading “Lev has joined the mile-high club – of sorts”

2012 was a dreamless kind of year

Because I virtually never slept long enough to see a proper dream. Our film, “Katya, Vitya, Dima,” premiered in Istanbul and was shown at the Listapad Festival in Minsk. It’s now going to be included in an online festival organized by Novaya Gazeta, one of Russia’s most prominent independent newspapers. Alexey also worked as oneContinue reading “2012 was a dreamless kind of year”