The last of the binkie wars

I found this month-old gif (originally a cine via Cinemagram) of mine on my phone today:


That was the day before we moved, leaving Novogireyevo for the older and stranger neighborhood of Kuzminki, also in eastern Moscow.

Grandma had introduced Lev to the binkie when he was a few weeks old (without asking my permission, of course. Why should grandma *ever* do something like that?), and moving day was as good as any day to bid it goodbye. We figured that the thrill of a new apartment, new playgrounds, and so on, would distract Lev enough from his old habits – and we were ultimately not mistaken.

In the gif, he has just reclaimed the binkie after I had unsuccessfuly tried to hide it in the kitchen.

A reminder to me that even necessary change is often painful.

One thought on “The last of the binkie wars

  1. Hi, Troll! I’m enjoying how you’re claiming to “like” me, while at the same time attempting to make up some pretty ridiculous lies about me and my work. It’s cute. Like watching a dog try to walk on its hind legs.

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