The lieutenant in you

Growing older becomes repetitive. It would be great to break up the monotony of cells drying out like graying laundry on the line. But nature is its own government, recycling soldiers into pulp. Inviolate, the only thing less compromising being the phantom limb of conscience (oh God, don’t get me started on how that thingContinue reading “The lieutenant in you”

A brief note on the Dyatlov Pass victims

Anna Arutunyan, my illustrious colleague, did a story this week on the Dyatlov Pass incident. The “incident” is really whatever it was that killed nine hikers on the appropriately named Mountain of the Dead in the Urals, in 1959. A new book has come out in Russia, and a new movie by Renny Harlin isContinue reading “A brief note on the Dyatlov Pass victims”

I’ve lived like they live in ‘On the road’

I’ve lived like they live in “On the road.” It’s fun, but the pain begins to add up after a while. You can’t take solace in people envying your freedom forever. Your teeth fall out because you clench them too many times. When you wreck your boots and go in to have them fixed, theContinue reading “I’ve lived like they live in ‘On the road’”

A letter to my high school classmates

On my 10 year high school reunion I flew East, not West. I said “marhaba” to the Emirates border guard at passport control – perhaps even as the party wound down. I worry about the things that Homeland Security will say to me when I do, indeed, have a chance to go home. I worryContinue reading “A letter to my high school classmates”

That one “Dealbreaker” piece on the college girl and the punky dude

I’ve of two minds about this piece. The headline is misleading, for one thing. And it starts out as if its trying to bait you – “I went to college… because that’s what people like me did.” As someone whose financial future has now pretty much been ruined by student debt, I have a knee-jerkContinue reading “That one “Dealbreaker” piece on the college girl and the punky dude”