These are my stories. I spin them out of sweat, tears, blood, and stars, and other, possibly unmentionable substances. 😉

Some are purely personal anecdotes, like diary entries, others are a little bit more substantial and fleshed out. I am progressing toward something here, am just not sure as to what yet.

The Fairy Stories, meanwhile, have their own section on the website.

Some of these are not final versions. I’m like a mechanic. I tinker. Stories marked as Personal Essays can be found here. And Pop Culture Essays are here.

The only person in Kyiv who had a better New Year’s Eve than I did


Bring Her Kasha and Caviar: A Horror Story With Illustrations

One In One Thousand


Bullet in Tennessee

Boy With Berries, Girl With Gun

You died for three days straight

Back on the trail

The woods are lovely, dark and… WHAT THE %$#@?!?!


Bash my clever little head in


My mother

The End of the Affair

Opal Moon

I’m very protective of my body…

She Had Eyes so Blue*

Natasha from Russia*

* – These have been kind of popular. Be careful, though, you are wading in a murky waters here.

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