All the king’s sweets (a song for overgrown children)

When you walk out into this night You will find what you’re looking for – Or maybe a little bit more. Gunpowder on a stick So sweet that it hurts to lick; A border where lace confronts thigh Patrolled by a a jealous eye; A star in the forehead, A golden sieve, And all youContinue reading “All the king’s sweets (a song for overgrown children)”

This isn’t autumn anymore

My new (ridiculously priced) coat is black, and all of the (somewhat) affordable accessories this season have been black – black leather gloves, black wool hat, black platform boots, black patent leather bag. I dress up for the weather, but always try to remember to put on a pair of heart-patterned socks underneath, or maybeContinue reading “This isn’t autumn anymore”

Reasons not to hate autumn

If you have seasonal depression like me – especially if said depression is being abetted by something else that’s crappy – you need this list. It was put together with help and inspiration from Sarah, who is a true autumn-lover. Autumn, for me, is like some good-looking but terrible man who arrives in town onceContinue reading “Reasons not to hate autumn”

On the metro. 9 p.m.

My big shoulder-bag, one of the stars of this essay, doesn’t lend itself to traveling with an iPod if I don’t have a coat with pockets on. On the metro, coming back from spray-painted, moonlit Obolon’, I ended up having to stuff it in the waistband of my jeans as I stood by the door,Continue reading “On the metro. 9 p.m.”