Speaking of Horror: Trailer for “The Ruins” Is Up!

You can see it here. I read the book, by Scott Smith (in case you don’t know who he is, “A Simple Plan” might sound familiar), on a long flight from JFK to Kiev Borispol last year. I have to say, my reaction to the trailer, at this point, is mixed. It seems promising, butContinue reading “Speaking of Horror: Trailer for “The Ruins” Is Up!”

Grab Your Chainsaws, Ladies.

A decent horror film will have me cowering under the blanket hours after a viewing. I still love the genre, though. This is why I was so excited by the recent article on George Romero, John Carpenter, et al, in Vanity Fair’s latest “Hollywood issue.” The article, “Killer Instincts,” was written by Jason Zinoman. ItContinue reading “Grab Your Chainsaws, Ladies.”