Kyle Payne, you are not welcome in the feminist blogosphere

You are a sexual predator. Your non-apology on the subject was pretty bloody telling. The fact that you have the gall to continue linking feminist sites after your release is – while certainly not surprising – plain gross. You obviously want to make this issue go away; it’s not going to happen.

Were I back to being nineteen years old, in college and discovering the world of feminist blogging, I’d most likely have no idea as to who you actually are. Which is why I don’t want any women coming along and being fooled by you.

I agree with Hugo Schwyzer when he says:

“Take a few penitential years in the wilderness for reflection, dude, and even then, don’t claim the mantle of a feminist blogger. That horse done left the barn.”

If you felt a tiny bit guilty about what you did, you would not be putting on this icky little farce. As much as I hate to give you the attention that you obviously crave, I’ve got no choice. People, women especially,  need to be warned about your creep-tastic ways.

So if you’re reading this, guys and gals, stay AWAY from “feminist blogger” Kyle Payne. Break out the garlic and wooden stake if he links to you.

P.S. What she said.