From Woke Vets to the Putin Paradox: news of note from me

From Woke Vets to the Putin Paradox: news of note from me

I recently made my Coda Story debut writing about the controversy surrounding a new movie made by an ostensibly pro-Kremlin filmmaker. This is what happens when you let religious extremism run unchecked – and by that I mean Christian extremism (a pertinent topic for all of us in the U.S. as well, even though Trump would have us believe that only Islamic extremism is a problem).

Speaking of the arts in Russia, here’s my take on the surreal world of Russia’s not-quite-censorship, and how it benefits the Kremlin perfectly – this was my contribution to the Guardian’s series on the so-called Putin paradox (as in, why is he reviled abroad and popular at home? Lots of great articles in this series).

All of this brings me to renewed protests in Russia. “Nothing is Good and Everything is Horrible” would’ve been my alternative headline for the depressing column I wrote on the subject for bne IntelliNews.

Meanwhile, over at the Anti-Nihhilist Institute, Anna Lind-Guzik and I have launched a cool new series we’re calling Woke Vets. We’re speaking to U.S. veterans about the new administration and all of the crap that lies ahead for us as a country now – because who’s better to talk to about that than the people who execute our (often quite flawed) policy decisions on the ground?  Continue reading “From Woke Vets to the Putin Paradox: news of note from me”

Jose Antonio Vargas

It is a DISGRACE that someone who was brought to the United States as a child, in complete ignorance of his illegal status, should have to suffer in the way that Jose Antonio Vargas has suffered.

It was painful to read this piece, because immigration issues *always* leave me very nervous myself, and though I’ve done my fair share of country-hopping, this stuff never gets easier. It’s not easy when you go the legal route – and I imagine it is a thousand times worse for people who are forced into an scenario that involves anything illegal. People don’t deserve this kind of punishment, and they especially don’t deserve it if they never had control of the issue to begin with. If Jose’s grandfather had shot someone – would we hold little Jose responsible? Why the hell do our laws then make it OK to hold Jose responsible for a bunch of fake documents? Are fake documents worse than murder? Guess they are – if those awful, no good, stealin-mah-job immigrants are involved somehow, right?

A goddamn Pulitzer winner can’t sleep at night, because of just how ass-backward the system is. Priorities. We’re doing them wrong.

Evangelical? That’s more apt than you may think, Twisty

I found the following coincidence uncanny:

Here is “sex-neutral” feminist Twisty Faster on sex:

While recognizing that penis placement has enormous political, social, and economic ramifications, particularly for members of the sex caste, the sex-neutral feminist — and I may be the only one alive — puts the act itself on a par with sneezing.

And here is Orthodox fundamentalist Dmitrii Artemyev on sex:

Even if [a Christian man] gets pleasure from the act of intercourse, he should treat it as the sort of shameful pleasure one experience upon visiting the toilet, because relief can please the body…

I wonder if these two people, if they ever met, would annihilate each other like matter and anti-matter.

It would make for a pretty cool experiment. Or an even cooler “Star Trek” episode, complete with Data’s bewildered musings on the nature of humanity after he saves the Enterprise from being destroyed in the keruffle with his skillful manipulations of a tachyon beam, and much eyebrow-cocking from Jean Luc (and you know we all live for the eyebrow-cocking).

P.S. What’s up with the ageism, Twisty? Once again, sex has been relegated to something that those “drunk twenty-year olds do” (I am paraphrasing here, but this is essentially what was said). Does Twisty go by Tom Wolfe (he of the misogyny and the “I [Boinked] Charlotte Simmons” fame) in other, more exalted literary circles?