From Woke Vets to the Putin Paradox: news of note from me

I recently made my Coda Story debut writing about the controversy surrounding a new movie made by an ostensibly pro-Kremlin filmmaker. This is what happens when you let religious extremism run unchecked – and by that I mean Christian extremism (a pertinent topic for all of us in the U.S. as well, even though TrumpContinue reading “From Woke Vets to the Putin Paradox: news of note from me”

Jose Antonio Vargas

It is a DISGRACE that someone who was brought to the United States as a child, in complete ignorance of his illegal status, should have to suffer in the way that Jose Antonio Vargas has suffered. It was painful to read this piece, because immigration issues *always* leave me very nervous myself, and though I’veContinue reading “Jose Antonio Vargas”

Evangelical? That’s more apt than you may think, Twisty

I found the following coincidence uncanny: Here is “sex-neutral” feminist Twisty Faster on sex: While recognizing that penis placement has enormous political, social, and economic ramifications, particularly for members of the sex caste, the sex-neutral feminist — and I may be the only one alive — puts the act itself on a par with sneezing.Continue reading “Evangelical? That’s more apt than you may think, Twisty”