Fascism in disguise

I find it telling that the first commenter on a good abortion post over at Bitch Ph.D. immediately started blathering about “irresponsible pre-marital sex.” Honey, a lot of us womenfolk out there have extremely hot, extremely responsible pre-marital sex, and just because we don’t buy into your fundamentalist do-it-the-good-Christian-way-or-burn-in-hell crap doesn’t mean we ought to have the state policing our wombs.

P.S. A story of one abortion (oh no, what a whore, she wasn’t ashamed).

3 thoughts on “Fascism in disguise

  1. It’s neat how men can’t have “irresponsible pre-marital sex.”

    It’s so cool, it’s like how we can pee standing up and don’t need any batteries for masturbation.

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