Thinking is overrated

But having been complimented so thoroughly by Solnushka, I turn my weary, bloodshot, slightly maniacal gaze to the Thinking Blogger award meme nonetheless.

Once you are tapped, you nominate five more blogs.

I’m still getting over the fact that someone out there thinks I think – as opposed to experience a series of mundane physical reflexes whilst logged into WordPress – but I am honoured, and pleased, and blushing quite prettily still (and it doesn’t have anything to do with the salmon-tint sunburn I am currently sporting).

Perhaps these folks will also feel the same:

1. Litlove is an art-blogger with a sense of style. I look at Litlove and think (well, when I do think, that is): “WORD.” And if blogs that centered on the reading world were brands – Litlove would be Chanel: classic, glamorous, and yet accessible.

2. I discovered Maha recently, while embarking on a massive Gerard Butler cyber-binge, and am hooked. Maha’s writing is sensitive and sweet, but not in a cloying, artificial way that evokes ponies and pre-adolescents and Velveeta – a style that has grown like a pink, fluffy tumour on the Internet since the invention of the blog. There are personal websites… and then there are personal websites. Maha’s stands out because it’s so engaging, bearing a precise mixture of vulnerability and humour. I should also say that her blogging persona bears more than a passing resemblance to my Yaroslava, who died in 2005, but is still with me – I see her everywhere. I see her in Maha. This is, clearly, a Big Deal.

3. Kyla Pasha is a real poet – and that should sum it up. And if you’re not into poetry, and you don’t understand what I’m trying to say, it’s not my problem.

4. Writing about politics is, to me, akin to doing warm-ups. Salvage of Hairy Fish Nuts, however, is a marathon runner when it comes to this. He’s lovely in motion. He’s one of the few committed liberal bloggers who somehow manage to give you warm fuzzies even as they talk about, you know, Iraq. This is the sort of thing that would normally make me want to slit my wrists, but Salvage makes it infinitely readable. Oh, and he and I will totally have beer and watch “300” when it comes out on DVD.

5. Hedonistic Pleasureseeker is a sultry sorceress with a kind heart – so she is basically someone who should, theoretically, exist solely in the realm of fiction. The fact that she is actually real makes me feel as though the world is NOT a complete drag after all. Her combination of images and, well, hedonistic pleasureseeking, alongside a number of astute observations about shopping, love, kids, dating, body image, and a whole lot of other stuff – it all manages to go down smoothly whilst being compelling. Reading her blog is like watching a Sofia Coppola movie.

Anyhoo, there are actually a whole lot more people that I ought to be writing about – but I should probably get back to thinking (or, rather, un-thinking, or de-thinking, or having at least one of those beers I am saving up for the Spartan-fest with Salvage, har har). I’m currently working on a story about a rich cokehead from Moscow who seduces her poor country cousin, and… Well, I’d just like to say that this may possibly live up to Solnushka’s description of me on her blog.

7 thoughts on “Thinking is overrated

  1. Blushing over here… geez I haven’t heard such nice things said about me since the character witness phase of my last restraining order hearing.

    And fer sure, the minute 300 is out on Blu-Ray (if it’s HD only I will go Spartan on someone’s ass) you need to come up to Ottawa (keep going north till you see a big city full of interesting things to see and do then keep going north-east for five more hours until you see a small city full of dead-eyed civil servants with nothing interesting to see and do) and we’ll have a proper Canadian beer and watch the high-def severed heads fly!

  2. You are a peach and a half. It is a wonderful thing what you have done, thank you! The ‘real poet’ thing really means a lot, and now I’m all warm and fuzzy. And tagged.

    I was looking for the specific post on The Thinking Blog, but couldn’t find it. Am I dumb, or is it hiding? They’ve got an eye-hurting font size over there.

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