F*ck S*it Damn

The road to Borispyl is being blocked off due to a protest related to land stolen from the residents of a nearby village. One lane is open, but they’re threatening to close it too (I actually can’t imagine the police letting them, but you never know). I can understand why this is happening – no one in the government is reacting to these people’s grievances.

And I have to pick up my boyfriend at the airport tomorrow.

I’ve been planning on interviewing the protesters anyway, but are they going to understand my need to also get to the arrivals terminal on time?

4 thoughts on “F*ck S*it Damn

  1. I have no idea of the geography involved but try interviewing them as you walk through them so they don’t harrass you, then grab a cab to the airport..? If there’s no way around the protest maybe have your boyfriend take a cab to the village… most protests I’ve covered will allow traffic to pass after a few minutes (usually 15 to 20 minutes) of waiting.

  2. Let’s go to the bigger issue here – the protest itself. Not only is no one in government not acting on these grievances, those political gangsters are the ones stealing, then selling the land right out from under villagers.

    This is the land of our ancestors. This is where they are buried. Where they died, in the millions, defending this land. There is not one inch of Ukrainian soil that is not steeped in centuries of blood. And now, it can be taken from Ukrainians because corrupt politicians need to launder money and other means have, in the post 9/11 era, become almost impossible. Buy land at inflated prices with money stolen from the people as a means to legitimize the cash. The sacredness of this soil is irrelevant.

  3. Everything went well! No one was out at the morning, although the protesters did have a fire going.

    The situation is just ridiculous though, and I hope to write more about it over the weekend.

    These people literally woke up one day and saw that the land they were using to raise crops was being bulldozed.

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