The Undiscovered Country: Colossal Squid

The New Zealand scientists have an AWESOME blog on their progress with the colossal squid.

Not to mention the live webcams!

It’s two a.m. in Amman and I am riveted. Screw network television (with the notable exception of “LOST”), and screw sleep. Bill Nye, you weren’t lying when you told my 7th grade self that “science rules.”

I want to write more about my unholy fascination with these creatures, but my ahh-rt is going to have to wait a bit here. Hey, hey. How often do I say that?

9 thoughts on “The Undiscovered Country: Colossal Squid

  1. I am so excited that someone else understands my fascination with the colossal squid. my friends think I’m nuts.

    yay, live webcast.

  2. Oh Wow! This is a brilliant sink of time. I got really excited when I was told there was a collosal squid speciman.

    They’re just amazing.

  3. Wow, just logged into wordpress – and hear this was on the front page.
    I am to finding it hard to believe that this small but wonderful country that I live in managed to find such an amazing creature.

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