The Bloop! The Great Wyrm Rises! And Lake Somino!

Because it has recently popped up in a Cracked article, I have been reminded of my fasination with the Bloop. Now, as I have written previously on this site – my father once had a fascinating encounter with an enormous creature that’s not supposed to exist. It happened off the coast of Crimea, during aContinue reading “The Bloop! The Great Wyrm Rises! And Lake Somino!”

Colossal Squid Will Go On Display at Te Papa in Wellington on December 13th!

Just in case you haven’t heard – the colossal squid will soon be on display. There is a small chance I might actually be in Wellington that week, but knowing my luck, I will probably have to make do with a new colossal squid website which will, apparently, go online soon. Also, check out thisContinue reading “Colossal Squid Will Go On Display at Te Papa in Wellington on December 13th!”

IS the world about to end?

“Come on, Scully, it will be a nice trip to the forest.” – Famous last words. Well, almost. If we’re all indeed about to be destroyed by a bunch of mad scientists, I honestly have to say they picked a terrible time to waste us. Sure, the economy’s in the crapper and the environment isContinue reading “IS the world about to end?”

Colossal Squid Pulsating Through The Seas!

After the apocalypse, there will still be colossal squid. I’m not sure what they will feed on – radioactive herring grown to ten times its normal size, perhaps? I have little faith in fairness and justice, but I do have faith in the colossal squid. In the post-apocalyptic tale, The Road, Cormac McCarthy’s protagonist wondered,Continue reading “Colossal Squid Pulsating Through The Seas!”

The Undiscovered Country: Colossal Squid

The New Zealand scientists have an AWESOME blog on their progress with the colossal squid. Not to mention the live webcams! It’s two a.m. in Amman and I am riveted. Screw network television (with the notable exception of “LOST”), and screw sleep. Bill Nye, you weren’t lying when you told my 7th grade self thatContinue reading “The Undiscovered Country: Colossal Squid”