IS the world about to end?

“Come on, Scully, it will be a nice trip to the forest.”
– Famous last words.

Well, almost.

If we’re all indeed about to be destroyed by a bunch of mad scientists, I honestly have to say they picked a terrible time to waste us. Sure, the economy’s in the crapper and the environment is about to be decimated anyway, so who cares, right? I care. I’m traveling on this day, Wednesday, September 10, 2008. And I hate traveling more than anything in the world.

Getting to spend my last day on earth doing something I hate? When I could be spending it with Boyfriend and a bunch of “X-Files” DVD’s?


There are so many things to miss about this world, no matter when it might end. Ivan Bunin said that he would miss the swallows in springtime, and I believe that he does, somewhere, miss swallows in springtime (unless they also have them in the Great Beyond). What will you miss? Let me know.

7 thoughts on “IS the world about to end?

  1. If I were to die today I would miss hearing my children laugh. To me the sound of their laughter is the most beautiful thing in the world. It reminds me of windchimes. When children experience joy it is so pure and beautiful.

  2. I will miss my man, my beagle (that I don’t have yet) and my herb garden (that I don’t have yet). I like to plan ahead. I will also miss sitting in the sun drinking a beer in summer with friends. But if there’s a heaven maybe they’ll all be there…

  3. …we do have a year until CERN is up to full power to plan this out properly, but if I were to go with DVD’s I’d go with “Rome”.

    If I only had until later today before the micro black holes created by mad scientists destroyed the planet I’d probably be okay with drinking White Russians on the roof of my building with my neighbour from down the street… in my fantasy she doesn’t have better things to be doing.

  4. It’s true that they’re not really using the Large Hard-on… *tee hee* Hadron Collider to actually destroy the world until later. I forgot about that. They have a schedule.

    I don’t have any kids, but, like Renee, I’m going to miss children’s laughter – specifically my brother’s. I’m going to miss spring twilight in North Carolina… except that I miss it already. And many other things.

  5. The first things that come to mind are all weather related, walking around in early fall with your scarf for the first time, summer rain, hot nights, a good blizard, the first time the sea really freezes over (I spent a few years next to the lovely baltic).
    Other than that, I’ll miss creme brulee, red wine, and my darling puppies and kitties. Well, okay, they aren’t really puppies or kitties anymore… but they certainly act like it.

  6. I will miss kissing. And beer. And arguing about religion and politics and life and love over beer with friends, maybe friends that kiss me afterwards…

    Yep, that’s it.

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