So that was fun!

I’m done at Feministe. If you’re interested, the archive of my blogging for them is here.

I’m going through some funny times in my personal life (more drama of missing paperwork, maddening preparations for travel, cockroaches, RPG glitches), and I am going to put up my feet up and read some Neil Gaiman.

Barring any major disasters, I’ll be in Kiev Wednesday morning, and will stay there for a few weeks. Am excited.

I’ve got some… inklings about the future right now, but I’m hoping it’s paranoia and not prophecy.

Much to love those who have been kind in these past few, stressful weeks.

8 thoughts on “So that was fun!

  1. Great work at Feministe! (Wish me luck on mine… increasingly nervous! It will be at the end of next month.)

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