For Caroline, because not all of YOUR likes are MY likes

OK, so Caroline got called a “frigid bitch” because there was a picture that made her uncomfortable. Now, I honestly wasn’t bothered by said picture, even if the (very much) adult models could be interpreted to look somewhat underage. But Caroline has the right to her opinion. And I believe she’s been both humble and thoughtful in expressing it. Her personal experiences lead her to be uncomfortable with that sort of thing. Mine ought to, and while they generally don’t, I’m not going to call her names because of that.

People are allowed to have their own personal comfort zones. Back in the day, when people ran into me and asked me what I was doing with my life, I’d say things like, “sitting around waiting for Daniel Radcliffe to turn legal.” Sure, it was a hoot to most, but if someone were to get put off by a statement like that, even though it was meant to be funny, I would understand.

And I understand Caroline. And furthermore, Caroline understands herself, which is more than I can say for some of her fiercest detractors. Honestly, calling someone a “frigid bitch” is a testament to your issues, dear troll, not Caroline’s. Enjoy your time under that bridge, you nasty little creature.

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