Epic Trolldom: Apparently Jameson “shouldn’t be allowed” to have children…

Hey, check this out everyone, I think we may have found the Hitler of the anti-porn movement! The lovely individual in question thinks we ought to decide who should be “allowed” or “not allowed” to procreate! In the “not allowed” category? Why, it’s Jenna Jameson! Everyone knows that scarlet women like her simply do not have the right to enjoy the fruits of their labours or, for that matter, experience the joy of motherhood.

Funniest thing ever? The person in question appears to be pretty much unemployed (whereas Jameson is enjoying a fortune) – so how would she like to hear someone make the case for taking her uterus away? What’s good for the goose…

Seriously, there are so many sick things about that post that I don’t even know where to start. How about:

If prostitutes are demonised for having children, then why not porn stars?

Why not poor people? People with disabilities? Single parents? The list goes on… Of course, we could simply demonize you for being an ignorant jerk and call it a day.

I feel pain for her twins when they grow up, being known as Jameson’s children. Imagine when they go to school, “Isn’t your mom a whore”?

You know who I feel bad for? People who raise children that are vicious, cruel, and sexist. It must suck, to find out that your own flesh and blood is capable of being so disgusting sometimes. Come to think of it, someone really ought to give your mom a call. See how she’s coping.

Meanwhile, I’m thinking, how about we prevent interracial and interethnic couples from having children as well? I mean, my kid could go to school one day just to hear the phrase: “Isn’t your dad a towelhead”? So I’m thinking, I ought to be sterilized, right? Just in case, and all?

If Jenna worked a legitimate job and made legitimate money, maybe I feel she would be more deserving of children.

Na klar! Und arbeit macht frei!

Seriously. “Deserving of children.” WTF. What’s next? Is Jameson “deserving” of the friends she has? The air she breathes? Surely she could hold it in just so some righteous anti-porn activist could get a big gulp instead.

In fact, why doesn’t Jameson just kill herself so she doesn’t inconvenience the haters?

The mind boggles.

As Ren points out, I just love how this creature then goes on to say that the word “whore” is wrong. How is it that the creature’s head has not yet exploded from the cognitive dissonance is simply beyond me.

P.S. Ernest Greene, who knows Jameson personally, talks about how hurt Jameson would be if she stumbled across this monstrosity of an LJ post.

5 thoughts on “Epic Trolldom: Apparently Jameson “shouldn’t be allowed” to have children…

  1. actually, after checking out her LJ, she doesn’t really seem to have a problem with the word “whore”. Hell, after reading her LJ, I kinda feel sorry for her…

    No pass on her shit though.

  2. I feel really sorry for her too. I guess she’s making herself feel better at the expense of Jenna Jameson, and porn-stars in general.

    I hate to say – there are infinitely better ways to feel good about yourself.

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