Help out Roberta Busby and family

Some details here.

Please note that as of right now, her attackers are still on the run.

(Roberta Busby is a stripper who was set on fire by two assailants outside of the club she works in. She suffered burns on 60% of her body.)

2 thoughts on “Help out Roberta Busby and family

  1. Hey Roberta it’s juan (Cyberkid) am not sure if it’s you, but if you remember who this is, please send me your e-mail address or phone number, I woul like to help in any way possible, god bless.

    Hi Juan – I went ahead and deleted your personal info here, since you don’t want that falling into the wrong hands. I don’t represent Roberta, but if you click on the link in this post, you can get information on how to help her kids.

  2. If there’s any contact info for the victim could u plz inform me via email…

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