Man with 86 kids going for 100… and he gets applauded? Really?

Remember the outrage over the Octo-Mom – Nadya Suleman? How come I am hearing nothing of the sort directed at Hot 100-Dad? Could it be because of… *gasp* sexism?

Because Islam only allows 4 wives at a time, I’m assuming he marries and then gets divorced to make room for the next crop of broodma…sorry, women. How nice. While it’s no doubt that being married to this dude bumps up your status as well, I would feel genuinely sorry for any woman who became attached to him on an emotional level. And God forbid you should marry him and then discover that you can’t have kids. What value would you present to him then? For all my criticism of religion, I somehow fail to remember any passage in the Quran that women are animals that a man selects for purposes of breeding and celebrity before discarding them.

“Abdulrahman said he supports his family through a military pension and donations of hundreds of thousands of dirhams from sheikhs who want him to make his century.”

While it’s good to know that at least these people appear to have enough to eat – all of the men who are attempting to vicariously live through this dude make me giggle. The “prize sire at a barn” mentality is demeaning to both men and women, but in a world where masculinity continues to be grotesquely distorted, it’s no wonder that other men’s insecurities would continue fanning the flames of this spectacle.

The UAE has the worst per capita carbon footprint in the world, and something tells me that Hot 100-Dad isn’t going to improve that situation. This is consumption at its most cynical, and no amount of platitudes about the joys of family can quite cover that up. If children are a gift from God, so are natural resources. Guess what’s going to happen to them if this mentality is encouraged further?

This is all beside the fact that assuming that one person is even remotely capable of loving one hundred separate children is beyond naive. This entire set-up ceased to be a family a long time ago.

And please don’t give me any noble savage crap about how “it’s their culture.” The average Emirati family has 2.3 children. Considering the environmental catastrophe we humans have already set into motion, that is a very good thing.

3 thoughts on “Man with 86 kids going for 100… and he gets applauded? Really?

  1. “Hot-100 Dad” is featured in the Emirati press at least once a year – never critically.

    They’re practically egging him on

  2. I fail to understand what’s so “honorable” about purposefully living off donations. I’m not trying to criticize charity, but if you are knowingly impregnating women to show off what a manly man you are then it’s hypocritical to take other’s money to finance your “cause.”

    All the Emiratis I know are horrified by this guy because he is projecting a completely grotesque vision of their country. But the freak-show aspect of this is bound to please the media.

  3. Wow! That is a lot of babies. I still respect it because he is married to those women and is financially supporting them. In the U.S. it is to the contrary for many single moms, but it is so common we don’t care to address or hear about it. A man can have all kinds of babies with multiple woman and it is illegal for a man to have more than one wife. That is backwards. I cannot judge another man or wife on how they raise their children if they are raising them. Nor can I judge someone on the choice they make to live their life. If the woman is okay with it, then I am okay too…

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