Tuesday Music: the kappamaki/Kappa Mikey edition

I had a teacher in high school, an old-school Chinese dissident, who used to say “why are you so tired? It’s only Tuesday,” upon encountering our miserable faces in miserable little rows on Tuesday mornings. I think he had a point.

It was a lovely, hot Tuesday, anyway. My new hairdresser convinced me to go blonder. My aunt essentially told me that I’m an old hag past her sell-by date and that I will end up destitute and alone and deservedly so (not her fault, really, she’s been zombified by a religious guru for years – the same guru who once told me I should join a harem). I bought some articles of clothing I’ve been coveting, after realizing they had miraculously gone on sale. I had drinks with someone I really like. A falling yellow leaf swooped down from a tree and straight down my dress. I saw a man tilt a woman’s chin and kiss her as teenagers danced down a sidewalk and an old woman in a scarf argued with a street-vendor, and missed being kissed like that. *wink*

Because of the awesome Kanon Wakeshima interview we just published, this one probably ought to start out with a cool Japanese band, no?:

Hit in the USA – Beat Crusaders
Homens – Manu Chao
Another Bag of Bricks – Flogging Molly
Let It Rain – Anna Ternheim
Imperials – Ratatat
Not In Love – Stray & Grass
Reel Around the Fountain – the Smiths
Lit Up – the National
Hochu Peremen – Kino
Jimmy – M.I.A.

“You told me that you’re busy
Your loving makes me crazy
I know that you hear me
Start acting like you want me”


You know, speaking of cool songs, here are the Beat Crusaders with the theme song for Nickolodeon’s anime parody, Kappa Mikey. And, uh, yeah. I totally watch it.

One thought on “Tuesday Music: the kappamaki/Kappa Mikey edition

  1. Clearly, you and me had similar teen years…I loved Kino too. Isn’t it fascinating how some soviet childhood elements connect you across years and borders? I am much older than you though. Oh, well lets not focus on that bit….back to Kino…
    They were great!

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