Monday Music: Vova’s 21 glasses of champagne on the wall edition

Today is my cousin Vova’s 26th birthday. From a really lovely boy, he has turned into a really lovely man. I’m really lucky to have him in my life, in whatever capacity (we don’t see each other as often as we should). So this one is for him. Because it’s a special occasion and because Caroline has tagged me in a music meme again, this one will include 21 songs.

There was a gorgeous sunset over the Kiev neighbourhood of Obolon’ today. I don’t very much like Obolon’, but I find that all of the concrete and all of the people drinking beer in summer slippers outside certainly match my mood. Vova grew up in Obolon’ too, and still lives there, so all of it will always be tied with him for me. Obolon’ itself goes down well with Patrick Wolf’s latest album, The Bachelor:

Who Will? – Patrick Wolf
Push It – Garbage
Overcome – Live
Straumnes – Sigur Ros
Kon’ – Lubeh
Nap Rico Van – Jon Swihart
Billie’s Blues (If I love my man) – Billie Holiday
Girl Friday – Beat Crusaders
Forgive Them Father – Lauryn Hill
Cemetery Gates – the Smiths
Lovesong – the Cure
I’m Down (Take 1) – the Beatles
Zombie – the Cranberries
Piemo-piemo – Mariana Sadovska
Catfish Blues – Muddy Waters
Na Sever – Melnitsa
Fuck You – Lilly Allen
Go Square Go – Glasvegas
Mr. Tambourine Man – Bob Dylan
Shining Light – Ash
Djivaen – Vassilis Tsabropoulos

Here’s Patrick Wolf with the video for “Hard Times,” off the The Bachelor:

Sufficiently glam for a birthday, I would imagine.

And if these are hard times (and I have no doubt), here are some old times, the ones that were still going on when Vova and I ran away from our great-grandmother and hid in the sandbox:

Well, this is hardcore vintage. Before either one of us was born. But still. It counts.

“And the fight continues again. And the heart is unquiet in the breast.” And so on.

(I love the CPRF – Communist Party of the Russian Federation – slogan at the end, it’s so adorable)

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