Links: from work, from friends & random bits

“Gift-shaped bruises” – me on the anti-domestic violence campaign in Ukraine.

Good recent headline on Questioning Transphobia: “Lady Gaga’s Genitals Are Not Our Business.” Nope, they sure aren’t.

Mmmm, abstinence. It’s only “sexy” for a girl to be abstinent, of course.

JO Magazine has responded to criticism of its piece on Western female sex-tourists – and very gracefully, I think. It’s a fraught issue, both for me as an individual and in its larger context, but there was a compelling story there and JO chose to explore it.

From Jezebel: Sexual Harassment is a Crime of Power, Not Passion. “Where are the anti-harassment guides aimed at men?” Latoya Peterson asks. Indeed.

“Enter Little Foot”!!! Dw3t-Hthr gives birth!

And finally, I don’t know WTF is going on at Daisy’s, but it looks pretty odd. Next thing you know, we’ll be finding out that Daisy shot Kennedy, or something. Hardy har har.

I could go on, but it’s been a long day (about which I will hopefully have occasion to tell you later), and I still have work to do.

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