For Kathryn Bigelow: Happy International Women’s Day

Bit of meta irony – but heaps of of praise as well. Seriously, I LOVE Kathryn Bigelow. She’s the only reason I even gave a crap about the Oscar this year. Well that, and, apparently, some homoerotic innuendo involving the ever-reliable Jeremy Renner. Mmmm.

But screw men for a second (in every which way, darlings). You know what I still like about International Women’s Day? The fact that over here in the former USSR, it’s women who congratulate each other very sincerely.

I’m also glad that tonight, instead of sitting in a cafe, I will be attempting my first short film shoot along with my wonderful, also female co-director. I like to think this is all very symbolic.

And now I am getting way, way too corny for words.

[insert dick joke]

23 thoughts on “For Kathryn Bigelow: Happy International Women’s Day

  1. I love having International Women’s Day on my Birthday :). Where can I see your movie when it’s done?? What equipment are you using?? **begins to geek out on camera stuff**.

    If you don’t already use it, I can recommend for hosting.

  2. I wonder what you got to say about a tomboy who prefers the guys as friends. If you’ll be talking that shit then LMAO!!!! When a tomboy does something bad to a girl let’s see what you say then. have to say about that. Besides you know she prefers the guys as friends right?

  3. Well I mean, you were like “screw men.” But how about if tomboys prefer the guys as friends? which Kathryn probably does. I honestly can’t stand girlfriend types, friend.

  4. Well, most of *my* friends are men at this point in time – except for this one Putin biographer and nerd you’ll find on Twitter. And my household is all men. Oh no! I don’t know how I manage to survive.

  5. OK, I’ve been trolling you a little there, but here’s how I see it: female solidarity has nothing to do with being besties and hanging out. It has to do with a systemic approach to structural issues. It’s pretty much absent in the movie business, but there are other areas where its presence has been an important factor. Healthcare, for example. When I was preparing to give birth in Moscow, I was part of an online network of women that shared information wrt the good hospitals. the good doctors, maternity wear, legal protection, et cetera. That was extremely helpful, but it had nothing to do with who “prefers” female company and who doesn’t.

  6. It’s called humor – in the same vein as “bros before hos.” And, oddly enough, considering the vast social privileges that men inevitably have more of (especially in the developing world), my careless, offensive remark appears to have had very little impact on said privileges. It’s shocking, I know. We’re taught in English class that words have power – and now this.

  7. What about a tomboy who does the same things as men. You’d be upset about it

    Anyways, I hate girly girls.

  8. What exactly is the definition of “a tomboy who does the same things as men”? I help run a newspaper – is that “the same thing”? I’m pretty good with a gun, or at least I used to be – is that also a “manly” hobby? I play a lot of violent video games – where does that fit in? I’m also a wife and mother and a big fan of oversize patent leather bags – well, shit, where does that leave us then?

    The point is: stereotypes are always rendered meaningless up close. Which is why there is no point in using them to form your opinion about someone.

  9. What I CAN’T stand are scardey-cat pricy girls. Let’s put it that way. These girls who THINK they’re God’s gift to the world. 😛
    Good debate on this, BTW
    Sweatpants, ugg boots, skirts, heels none of that impresses me either. Girls who like to show off don’t matter to me.
    Jeans and sneakers girl is more cool for me, as I wear that stuff. And loves doing the same stuff as me.

  10. And the reason I said, “What about a tomboy who does the same things as men” is because you’re bashing men, yet what about tomboys who do the things as men and prefer the guys as friends? Guess you’d be upset about that wouldn’t you? Was how I was feeling.

  11. But didn’t I just explain to you that I don’t believe this construct of “a tomboy who does the same things as men” exists? For sure, there are gender roles out there for people – even people who wish to conform to them don’t *really* conform to them, in the end. So why would it bother me if someone prefers men for friends? Like I said, most of my friends are men, though I didn’t make a conscious decision on that account. A lot of younger women do make a conscious decision – and gravitate towards male company for a variety of reasons. Nothing weird about that. Especial for someone who was bullied in school – which is a big problem in the States.

  12. Hey you love wearing light blue jeans and sneakers like I do? If so, we can make a truce on something at least.

  13. Hey, as a guy who has one or 2 tomboy friends (both of whom prefer guys over females as friends), do you ever feel like some women only want rights for themselves? I get the feeling that tomboys who prefer the guys as friends are thought of by other women as “greedy selfish dykes.” Like this is what is thought of them I bet? Do you ever feel that way? Why, why not?

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