Monday music: March 8th

I’m not for the ghettoization of female artists, but for today I’m going to say – screw it, this isn’t ghettoization. This is the highlighting of the women in my music library. There are too few, I’ve realized.

Trouble – Pink
Old Enough – Rickie Lee Jones
Ghost World – Aimee Mann
Sun Sun Sun – Lisa Mitchell
Roses Are Not Red – Simone White
Northern Lad – Tori Amos
I Don’t Like Your Band – Annie
Little Shadow – the Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Alejandro – Lady Gaga
Don’t Leave – Ane Brun

I was actually at this concert. Bad acoustics, but Soncekliosh is a cool band:

Go on and take it off. You’ve got to shake it off baby, for me. Come on and break me off. ‘Cause I get what I want, and I like what I see.

3 thoughts on “Monday music: March 8th

  1. Have you checked out these ladies?

    Paloma Faith (Gloriously, genuinely potty. I love her.)
    Florence and the Machine (my fave from her is ‘Dog Days’).
    Ellie Goulding.

  2. Nat, I am usually in full agreement with everything about you. Love your writing. Love your boots. Love you as Warrior maid of Gondor. Laughed till I cried at that douchenozzle guy you blasted. And I tried SOOO hard to like Lady Gaga bc everybody seems to think she’s IT.

    Gotta fess up. Her music is just one of those things like thomistic morality that make me go WTF?!? What is the freaking point? Great window dressing, shit meaning, big fat stained glass&marble whatever with NOTHING useful inside. Not you; not her as a person. Just the music. I don’t like it.

    Maybe that comes from being (barely) old enough to remember life without MTV. I still listen to music. Garbage has always RAWKED my world, though. The Donnas are a good pik too.

    I’m not going to bother setting up a link, bc all you have to do to get the full Stevie is walk past some old dude’s pickup truck. But I still love Stevie Nicks. If she’s not on your hot older women list I am SO putting my karaoke-night Goddess up there.

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