The New Year in Kiev, by Sasha Andrusyk
© Sasha Andrusyk. Kiev, Ukraine.

My blood pressure fell suddenly, like it sometimes does these days. I came alive maybe half an hour later after Sasha took this picture, when medicine was found.

The baby started moving just two days before. It woke me up on the train. It’s too early for me to actually feel kicks, but I feel it float to the surface from somewhere deep inside me, like a bobber, up to meet my hand or the Man’s hand, when we place it on my just slightly rounded stomach. The Man felt it move for the first time on New Year’s Eve, in a cafe on a central street in clean, sparkling, snowy Kiev. “Feel that?” I asked in between sips of hot chocolate. He did.

On the train to Ukraine, I had felt three gentle taps when I used my hand to trace the movement. It was like someone knocking on a door in the middle of the night. The train had been standing still in the snow, under the sudden stars, the snow clouds having parted briefly. I had been looking at the sky when I felt it. There was no motion, the only motion was inside me. “I’m taking you to visit the place where I was born,” I told the baby in case it didn’t realize, and then the train started again.

4 thoughts on “The New Year in Kiev, by Sasha Andrusyk

  1. It is a wonderful thing to feel life moving inside you. It kind of feels like little butterflies floating inside you. It is just the beginning of the communication between you and your child. Soon you will be sitting there and see a hand sticking out making room. Enjoy this time.

  2. your description of the early movements of pregnancy is so poetic and just right on…I am in the early days of my last month of pregnancy and some of the poetry as lost now that the baby is so much bigger – those movements pack a punch! It’s still amazing, though. Congrats to you…and the low blood pressure will resolve itself down the road.

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