I’ve been working

Or, you know, goofing off, depending on how you look at it.

You know, Ekaterina Zatuliveter is NOT a spy. I’m amazed at the slut-shaming this woman has endured. All because she’s Russian and gravitates towards older, powerful men. In a normal world, this would have been a phase she would have grown out of – upon which she would have penned a whimsical screenplay about it. You know, something like “Guinevere,” but with more mass market appeal.

Also,  my translation of the Nicholas Seeley interview with Sergei Lukyanenko, Russian fantasy writer extraodinaire and author of “Night Watch,” et al, is out in Strange Horizons. This was a trilateral effort: Nick, Shari Perkins, and myself.

Went to the “Khodorkovsky” premiere at Artdokfest film festival today. Didn’t stick around. They herded the guests into a ridiculous line – honestly, the Khudozhestvenny movie theater is not the best place for a festival of this magnitude. The woman in line next to me had huge sapphire earrings like something out of a period drama. I got bored very quickly. Didn’t get my goddamn press badge either, will have to go tomorrow. “But we e-mailed you that you have to get it by six!” “No you did not, goddamit!” Anyway, I warned them that I’ll be arriving to claim my badge with an infant in tow tomorrow, festival ambiance be damned.

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