White House Sex Tapes

This is not a ploy to drum up traffic via pervy search hits I hardly ever read “Vanity Fair” anymore – but contributing editor Wolcott inevitably seduces me into picking up the latest issue. His latest offering, “Why Are British Sex Scandals So Much Better than Ours”?, contains (as usual) a spot-on observation regarding publicContinue reading “White House Sex Tapes”

Dishing on Dinesh

I haven’t discussed Dinesh D’Souza on this blog (or my previous blog) – mainly because going after him is sort of like going after Paris Hilton. It’s easy, it’s obvious and anyway, you know he loves the attention. Following the release of his new book, however, I can no longer contain myself. D’Souza, you see,Continue reading “Dishing on Dinesh”

On the Lacrosse Case. Once More. With Feeling.

I am a Duke alum. I am also, at this point in time, a Duke employee. My views do not reflect the opinions of anyone, other than myself (that’s in case someone wants to get me fired for saying what I am about to say). This isn’t meant as a personal attack on anyone, or anContinue reading “On the Lacrosse Case. Once More. With Feeling.”