Sticky Stupids

Despite (or maybe because) of the financial turmoil and general aimlessness and desperation that have characterized these post-collegiate months, some days, I just have to fall down in hysterics. A woman in a speeding minivan nearly mowed me down in a parking lot today. As I watched her drive away, sans apology, I noticed aContinue reading “Sticky Stupids”

Devil in the Details

I had this long conversation with Khaled in which he kept trying to convince me just to stop thinking about Duke Lacrosse until the trial starts, because so much of what we’re being treated to right now is convoluted crap. He’s right. Something that is important to acknowledge at this point has to do withContinue reading “Devil in the Details”

Welcome to… my balls

As an immigrant to the United States, I’ve been treated fairly well, even in the South. The “go back to Russia” (it’s Ukraine, dammit) comments were mostly spewed forth by my classmates who, as students at a poncy private school really ought to have… Oh, never mind. That’s not the point here, really. Race andContinue reading “Welcome to… my balls”