General Weirdness

Men, I believe, are human beings (I know, I know, you’re falling out of your chair having just encountered such a radical notion. Bear with me.).

Which is why I am always saddened to see masculinity turned into a caricature of itself.

Of course, I also can’t help but giggle at how these good Christ’uns are so much like the various conservative Muslims they vilify for, you know, trying to make womenfolk invisible. Recent comments that boil down to “you, wench, dress like I tell you to, because I am trying to be pure,” on Feministe are so touchingly Al-Qauedaish, I have to wonder what would happen if these people stopped waving their Bibles long enough to grasp just how similar they are to the evil infidel.

Osama Bin Laden, on the other hand, is moving in a similar direction, if a woman named Kola Boof is to be believed. Despite the fact that he thinks all music issues forth from Satan’s anus, Osama has a crush on Whitney Houston. He even wants her for his harem! Evil De… I mean, Evil West be damned! Sniffing coke in the pitch-black darkness of some cave might present a number of logistical problems, so Whitney better brace herself.

Home-grown conservative wingnuts and Osama & Co. have some peculiar things in common. Both tend to view the women around them as utilitarian props to be manipulated at will, par example. Most importantly, both are batshit nuts.

3 thoughts on “General Weirdness

  1. maybe that is why they dwell upon them endlessly. It can be
    uncanny in the sense that one doesn’t always know where the
    subject ends and the object begins. Are they somehow necessary to a delusional self-image?

  2. Damn, I’m loving your blog. (I’m currently writing a post about the same thing, the likenesses of these two groups.)

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