What does the death of Turkmenbashi mean for Ukraine?

Some thoughts from leaders, friends, and random passer-bys:  “Aaaaaaah. No gas no gas no gas no gas no gas no gas.” “Time to cozy up to Putin.” “Time to protect our interests, like the U.S. does. As soon as we decide on what those interests are – all the while calling for early elections andContinue reading “What does the death of Turkmenbashi mean for Ukraine?”

Progressive Russian Journalist

Murdered. I’m shocked and awed. Not really, no. Critically-minded writers are inevitable casualties in iron-fisted pseudo-democracies, with their corrupt politicians in ill-fitting designer suits and beggar senior citizens selling vintage cigarette packs to amused tourists, with their petty conflicts, murdered children, and always, always, the terrible hope that maybe tomorrow everything will finally go right.Continue reading “Progressive Russian Journalist”