A half-hearted Apocalypse of sorts

In the place I used to be from, they have an old legend about a band of warriors – horses, sabers, embarrassingly well-fitted leather chaps, etc. The legend goes that the warriors were brave and noble and fought on the right side of history. Most retired in peace and died nonviolent deaths. Except for the oneContinue reading “A half-hearted Apocalypse of sorts”

Darkness on the Edge of Moscow: excerpt 2

Previous excerpt here. “Do your friends actually call you La?” He tried and failed to stifle a laugh. “Close friends.” The label on the beer bottle would not come off no matter how hard she scraped at it. “So you, for example, would have to refer to me as Nelly.” “Where did Nelly come from?”Continue reading “Darkness on the Edge of Moscow: excerpt 2”

Darkness on the Edge of Moscow: an excerpt

This is an excerpt of a bigger work of fiction.  The train paused briefly in the tunnel between the stations – a rare occurrence for the circle line. La leaned against the door, pressed right up against the place where it said “No Leaning,” and thought about disaster. Images from the trailer of a movieContinue reading “Darkness on the Edge of Moscow: an excerpt”