Accomplished, well-rounded… racist (I mean, seriously, that’s the only conclusion I could draw)

Don’t call Burt Prelutsky a bigot – he’s just telling it like it is! On Feministe, the comment thread related to this article is certainly an eye-opener; you see, once upon a Golden Age, black people in this country had the freedom to do whatever they wanted – go to any college they liked, holdContinue reading “Accomplished, well-rounded… racist (I mean, seriously, that’s the only conclusion I could draw)”

Dishing on Dinesh

I haven’t discussed Dinesh D’Souza on this blog (or my previous blog) – mainly because going after him is sort of like going after Paris Hilton. It’s easy, it’s obvious and anyway, you know he loves the attention. Following the release of his new book, however, I can no longer contain myself. D’Souza, you see,Continue reading “Dishing on Dinesh”

I’ve met guys like Tucker Carlson before

Although they sometimes (very rarely) meant well, they were largely masters of pomposity, insecurity, and douchebaggery . Thankfully, none of them had enough clout to do this. Support Freelance Genius, victim to Carlson’s rabid entitlement! Uptd. : I mean, come on! “Conservative pundit Tucker Carlson, host of Tucker and formerly of Crossfire fame, has recentlyContinue reading “I’ve met guys like Tucker Carlson before”

It may be indecent to be so hungover

On January the second. But I don’t care. The chains will be back on on Monday, and until then, we’ll say “hey Slavyane” and keep doing what we do best. Kiev is full of crows, stray dogs, and other people’s dreams – dreams that rise like the fog off the earth in the unusually dampContinue reading “It may be indecent to be so hungover”