“I am a leaf on the wind, watch how I soar”

This woman did not get emergency contraception on time, and is now pregnant. She already has three kids, and plans on getting an abortion. She lives in a red state, in a red county, which means that in order to have her abortion, she will most likely have to pass through an abusive mob. SheContinue reading ““I am a leaf on the wind, watch how I soar””

The Blogger of the Baskervilles

I don’t read Althouse, because I value my brain cells. I had to pop over and have a look, though, when Ms. Althouse accused a prominent feminist blogger of… what exactly? Oh, of having breasts. As a feminist blogger who also happens to be a fan of nude painting I was, naturally, pissed off. OfContinue reading “The Blogger of the Baskervilles”

Get Your Damn Priorities Straight

From Feministe. “Colombian Catholic Church Excommunicates All Involved in 11-year-old Rape Victim’s Abortion.” No word on whether or not they actually excommunicated the adult male rapist, although I doubt it. I have no problem with the excommunication per se, but that’s because I’d never consider converting to Catholicism in the first place. I wouldn’t wantContinue reading “Get Your Damn Priorities Straight”

The Great Wall of Indifference

… Is what I’ve erected between myself and all those news stories on how Angelina Jolie lost her baby-weight. The heavenly body of Jolie has eclipsed most real news stories, but I would like to point out that it’s been two years since Beslan, and the Russian special forces are commemorating the occasion by arrestingContinue reading “The Great Wall of Indifference”