Big Brother Blair

This BBC news story reads like something out of a dystopian nightmare.

Mr Blair said it was possible to spot the families whose circumstances made it likely their children would grow up to be a “menace to society”…

…”If we are not prepared to predict and intervene far more early then there are children who are growing up – in families which we know are dysfunctional – and the kids a few years down the line are going to be a menace to society and actually a threat to themselves.”

Help had to be offered, but “some sense of discipline and responsibility” had to be brought to bear, he said.

How much you want to bet that the families targeted will be poor? How much you want to bet that no rich family, even if they are a bunch of alcoholics, drug addicts, or (gasp!) single parents, will have to deal with something like that?

Of course, single mothers are already being demonized. No word on single fathers. No. They’re angels, doing “a woman’s work” and all that.

Not to mention the fact that labeling children a “menace” before they’re even born is going to be so, you know, helpful in including them in society and all that.

4 thoughts on “Big Brother Blair

  1. At what point in the last few years do you think Blair’s brain was surgically removed and replaced with Maggie’s?

  2. Talking of things on heads, Paul told me a joke today:
    A guy goes to his doctor to complain about a painful bump he has on his forehead. After examining it, the doctor says “sir, I’m afraid you have a rare condition: there’s a penis growing on your head!”

    So the guy says “oh my god, is there anything you can do?”

    “no,” says the doctor “I’m afraid it’s attached to the back of your brain”

    “Holy shit,” says the guy “how will I ever look myself in the mirror?”

    “Oh, it’s ok,” says the doctor “the balls will cover your eyes”

  3. Pity such a database was not available when Tony Blair was a child, we could have been saved a lot of problems!

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