The Great Wall of Indifference

… Is what I’ve erected between myself and all those news stories on how Angelina Jolie lost her baby-weight.

The heavenly body of Jolie has eclipsed most real news stories, but I would like to point out that it’s been two years since Beslan, and the Russian special forces are commemorating the occasion by arresting elderly human rights activists:

human rights activist arrested. via the BBC.

Bravo, assholes. Way to go. Grab a terrified, frail old man off the street. THAT’LL show the world how much we’ve learned since those children were slaughtered.

Goddamn you.

(My mood is slightly off this evening. Perhaps it has something to do with the filth and violence of everyday life, or maybe the fact that tomorrow is Monday and I don’t even get paid until the fifteenth, and we’re almost out of beer)

12 thoughts on “The Great Wall of Indifference

  1. Goddamn all pigs! Especially the yummy ones bacon is made out of! Damn them to be eaten by me! (And damn cop-pigs to the bowels of hell, even though they’re far less tasty)

    I’ll sort out some beer if you and your (better? na) half would give me the pleasure of your company some time this week…

  2. Just rub it in my face that I live in the best city in the States and not in Durham. Thanks, thanks a lot.

  3. Umm…Natalia’s *gasp* Ukrainian. That automatically disqualifies her from being better.

    Natasha: sorry I had to tell people your dirty secret. I’m only protecting my reputation.

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