9 thoughts on “As If the Fact that it’s Monday Isn’t Bad Enough

  1. Not when you think about it. He was killed by a stingray, which is rare.

    He did a lot of good for conservationism and protection of animals, which is why his death is a great loss to all of us who love animals (and yes, I’m a carnivore, let me just admit that while I’m at it).

  2. I’m in your league of loving animals and eating them. Don’t really see much wrong with it, despite my vegan friends’ attempts at ‘linking the struggles’.

    Yes, the stingray is rare, but for him to be killed by some rare animal stabbing through the chest wouldn’t have been the craziest thing to guess if someone told you he died…

  3. yeah it’s kind of a freak death, but to his credit, he cheated death on many occassions. Probability just caught up with the crockodile hunter, even if it was with a creature where the odds were in his favor.

  4. Hmmm…I am of the firm opinion that small yappy dogs (ref: Eddie Izzard) have no real right to exist. Nonetheless, my sympathy extends to those (rather silly people) who think otherwise and thus are saddened by this passing-on.

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