Cormac McCarthy’s “faux-arty machismo”? Say what?

Iker Casillas begs to differ. So Stephanie Zacharek used her review of the film adaptation of The Road to bash the original source material. There’s no accounting for taste, but does Cormac McCarthy really have a “he-man streak”? And even if he does… why is that bad? I rarely agree with Zacherek’s reviews, though IContinue reading “Cormac McCarthy’s “faux-arty machismo”? Say what?”

Sluts! Feminists! Tom Wolfe! Again! Headdesk!

Can we please stop resurrecting the writer who has his panties in such a twist over the fact that some women aren’t afraid of the “slut” label anymore that he even wrote an entire bad, bloated novel about it every time this stupid conversation about young women and sex happens? This is about as oldContinue reading “Sluts! Feminists! Tom Wolfe! Again! Headdesk!”

“Do you like being unhappy?” “Do you like the fact that rain is wet?”

No one single instant of it was unendurable. Here was a second right here: he endured it. What was undealable-with was the thought of all the instants all lined up and stretching ahead, glittering… – David Foster Wallace. Someone asked me recently if I “like” being unhappy. It’s a strange and, at the same time,Continue reading ““Do you like being unhappy?” “Do you like the fact that rain is wet?””

Dave Cullen & Wally Lamb on Columbine

I read Dave Cullen’s Columbine while in Edinburgh this year (yes, that’s what I do on vacation, hang around pubs with a book about some horribly depressing subject, after all the museums close), and came away both impressed with the thorough analysis of the massacre and deeply moved by Cullen’s sensitivity to the subject matter.Continue reading “Dave Cullen & Wally Lamb on Columbine”